Working Title

I think I might be regretting having boxed myself in to one theme with the name of this blog. I don't know that I really want to write about my anxiety so much as to escape it, or at least cope with it through my writing. I wanted to write to share something, but how to narrow it down … Continue reading Working Title

Yesterday’s Thoughts That Won’t Make Poetry

  11:36 am my emotions are shape-shifters, changing and charging without warning, morphing, taking on alien form I cannot fight or flee They own me, hold me hostage. They wreck the sanctity of being.     12:45 pm I have a voice you cannot hear and anyway, I do not speak enough, or ever. I … Continue reading Yesterday’s Thoughts That Won’t Make Poetry

Unwritten Poetry

  Hell-bent on repentance I dug up my past -a stack of confessions in black ink and metaphors- my religion, true and false, unstructured and incomplete.   Forgotten in the pages was a decade-old whispered poem to a future lover, the writer of words and dreamer of dreams who could make me believe his theories … Continue reading Unwritten Poetry

Blissful Beginnings, Unfinished Endings

  Rainy days are the best. The sounds of the raindrops are like a melodious army charging against the roof, drumming my senses to attention. The rain comforts me. It can even come raging with winds or crashing thunder and lightning; I'll take it all. Oh, but only if I don't have to be out in … Continue reading Blissful Beginnings, Unfinished Endings

Now What?

One week ago I had absolutely no intention of ever starting a blog. So how did I get here? The Story: I quit my "real" job in December (but that's a story for another time). Since then, the orders for my little sign-making business have been at an all time low. My boyfriend (have serious … Continue reading Now What?